RainCoat Festa Festival Military Green

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Festa Festival is a raincoat in a modern and classic design from mbyM. The rain jacket has an oversized but perfect fit which is highlighted by a waistband. Festa festival has a simple hood with constrict, so it can be tightened. In the front the coat has some large pockets with buttons. The sleeves can be regulated, so they fit more closely. The perfect length is super convenient in the rain like the loose fit creates a nice fall and a nice effect on the back. Festa is a cool and modern rain jacket, which gives you a fashionable look. The design makes the coat perfect all year round, even when it's not raining. The cool detailing gives the coat a feminine look. The exclusive and lightweight fabrics are water resistant and breathable which makes the raincoat comfortable to wear and extremely useful for both festivals and for a shopping spree. Festa Festival is made of 50% polyurethane and 50% polyester, which have been carefully selected with focus on breathability, fabrics and expression.

Cool and stylish rain coat, which makes you wish that it was raining everyday. 
The rain coat has a hood so that the hair can also stay dry and gorgeous in the rainy weather. 
The rain coat has a belt in the waist, which makes your figure feminine.

Care Guide
Machine Wash 

50% Polyurethane
50% Polyester

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