About Maaike Kleedt ,

“You know the shop on the corner? Maaike Kleedt? That’s my one-stop shopping address. They even have another shop across the street ànd a webshop.”

Looking for a dress, shirt, pair of colorful heels, raincoat, … ? Ask a friend from Ghent, ask a girl, ask a guy who knows his woman, ask the classy ladies and the sassy ones and this will likely be their reply.

Because here is where you find the answer to your vestimentary question. 

Maaike Kleedt - translated it says Maaike dresses (you) - was founded ten years back by … Maaike. The one and only! 

Scandinavian labels were her immediate weapon of choice.

A decade ago, they were rare in Belgian shops, especially the affordable ones of good quality.

So Maaike immediately plugged into this niche market, with success.

Why her fashion-sensitive eye was attracted by the Scandinavian brands? Because of the unique combination of simplicity - some would venture to use the term ‘minimalism’- and at the same time luxurious details and fabrics. 

The kind of pieces you can wear effortlessly from the office to night-on-the-town. As a working mum, Maaike knows what a time-saver this can be!

Her clients are her main source of inspiration when she shops for new pieces and brands. (This pays off, needless to say. People keep coming back here like boomerangs.)

Fabrics and style are what make or break the deal for Maaike when she is selecting new stuff.

The feel on the skin too: it has to be perfect, like a second skin, breezy, sturdy yet delicate.

This is why natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool and viscose usually make the cut.

When possible, she ups her collection with sustainable and ecologically responsible pieces.

And as the array of brands and clothes fitting Maaike’s demands kept expanding, so did she. Three years back she opened a second shop, diagonally across from the one on the corner, and home to even more Maaike-proof brands. 

Brands that came and went, as Maaike evolved and her clients did too. Maaike Kleedt is as dynamic as life itself.

The shop on the corner now houses the more ‘younger’ and dashing brands such as MbyM, Soaked in Luxury, Minimum, … And is guarded with love and affection by Maaike’s sidekick Miyuki. Her patience and smile generally woo every customer. Miyuki is the friend who helps you pick your date-night outfit, glass of wine in her hand. (not really ..)

New season, new entries, more happy customers. Maaike renews her collection all year long. 

We don’t have a crystal ball. But we are inclined to say that after a visit here, you’ll probably be quoting Arnold: “I’ll be back.”

And in the meantime, they are already happy to see you.





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