Our Brands

Minimum creates several annual collections and we pride ourselves in selectively picking out just the right designs and fits for each collection. the philosophy is to create eclectic, Scandinavian fashion products of sublime quality – always at the right price. We produce both the versatile classics for the basic wardrobe and the unique, eye catching styles that are perfect for those special occasions. social responsibility at minimum a/s at minimum we believe that the success of our business cannot be at the expense of humans, animals or the environment. 
Samsøe & Samsøe
The identity of Samsøe & Samsøe is based upon unique and recognizable Scandinavian fashion design. The ambition is to continuously develop attractive, market-oriented and international design supported by the best essentials.
We have a high passion for what we do and we believe in our creative ideas which reflect our work efforts.
Soaked in Luxury
Soaked in Luxury is an international female fashion brand with on trend and easy to wear collections . We provide young women with a modern style that doesn’t go unnoticed. Soaked in Luxury styles are feminine and vibrant, and we allow our customer to embrace her personality and femininity in an effortless way.
The designs are unmistakably Scandinavian with a personal, quirky touch which is seen in colour choices, details and the hand-drawn, almost art like prints on the scarves that have become the signature of the brand. Unique to the brand is the scarf collection, which features a wide selection of designs in luxurious wool, silk, modal, cashmere and cotton qualities with unique hand-drawn prints offered in an abundance of colour choices at affordable prices.
From the beginning, Pilgrim had two key missions. One was to create beautiful jewellery that makes you feel beautiful. The other was to build a workplace where every employee enjoyed coming to work and where respect, responsibility and trust were cherished values put into practice each day.” – Annemette Markvad, Founder. 
Womenswear brand with a natural style with subtle and sophisticated details for the woman looking for a comfortable and genuine style .